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private jet charters Greece Mykonos


 Whether you are traveling to Mykonos for a vacation or a business meeting, a private jet charter can take you and your guests wherever you need to travel. Private jet charters allow you to entertain guests and business clients in high quality luxury.
When you book your jet charter through Mykonos Exclusive, we will set you up with the choice of helicopter or luxurious aircraft to whisk your guests off to whatever location you choose.
The choice is yours when it comes to the perfect aircraft to use for your business or private guests. With just a few questions regarding the number of guests and the type of trip you are planning, we can help you select the right travel arrangements for your event.
It is as simple as stating your requirements and we will find the perfect aircraft to suit everyone’s needs. A sightseeing adventure with your corporate clients or spending time exploring the Greek Islands from the air, we will find the perfect way for you to travel.
Large parties of 16 to over 100 can be accommodated by one of the luxurious VIP jets that are available for you. Business travelers will find everything they need to have meetings on the flight as you are taken to your final destination.
A corporate jet will provide your guests with all of the luxury while traveling in the islands.
Mykonos Island is the perfect getaway for vacationers and couples on a romantic trip, but business travelers can spend time enjoying the beauty of the island while taking care of business.
Mykonos Exclusive handles all of your accommodations while you are on the island so you can relax and enjoy the trip. We will find the perfect hotel or villa and help you make arrangements to visit the other islands in the Greek Islands on a luxurious jet. We can also arrange for helicopter tours of the island for everyone in your party.
What private jet charters can give to an individual traveler is an adventure that begins the minute you climb on board.
A private jet is a fun way to travel for individuals, whether they are flying in the family and friends for a special event, or they are taking their family on a fabulous vacation. Romantic trips begin the minute you get on board.
Your corporate clients will enjoy the privacy and luxury of a corporate jet liner on your next business trip. Private jet charters allow you to work in the air while you are on your way to your destination.
Flying for business or pleasure is easy with a private jet charter booked for you through Mykonos Exclusive. Private jets can put the enjoyment back in flying again for everyone on your trip.
Imagine traveling in luxury and privacy on your own jet liner.
The accommodations on board the jet are luxurious and meet all of your corporate needs. Instead of waiting in lines and traveling with others, you can enjoy the speed and ease of traveling on board a private jet.