About Mykonos Exclusive

Regarding Mykonos Exclusive

Mykonosexclusive.com is a company that provides high end services offering VIP concierge services in the areas of travel, hotels and entertainment. It went “on air” in 2007.Its main purpose and at the same time, the promise it makes to its clients were from the outset the personalised and upgraded services and unique experiences.Mykonos, the island of international reputation concerning hotels, entertainment, and a high end lifestyle, has become the ideal location for the company’s base.
Mykonosexclusive.com and all of us behind it are proud to say that our company is more than a simple concierge company: We know our clients and communicate with them as if they were members of our family.Furthermore, we know our associates and the possibilities that they possess and can distinguish which of their service or product suit each of our customers.
Through our electronic guide, there is free access to a wealthy data base that provides all of those important hints and tips and other information that the visitor set on Mykonos may need, before they reach the island, as well as during their stay there.Our associates have been chosen very carefully to meet the requirements we set and cover our demands, so as to be included in the mykonosexclusive “family”.Our satisfied customers so far and the enthusiastic acceptance that we have faced internationally, has made us engage in new investments, more and stronger co operations and in a general expansion of our activities.


To make our customers’ dreams come true
To create the preconditions for more clients to reach our associates


Our team is in a position to offer the following services:
  • Ticket bookings (air or sea)
  • Hotel bookings
  • Residence and estate rentals
  • VIP car & jeep rental
  • Hiring boats, private airplanes and helicopters
  • Party organisations
  • Wedding and wedding ceremony organisation
  • Bookings at restaurants and clubs
  • Driver services (chauffer, shuttle bus & limousine)
  • Organising events & sports (diving, jet ski, parasailing, equestrian)
  • Organising and coordinating daily cruises
  • Spa services (packages, beauty therapy and care, programs of health and wellbeing)
  • Entertainment in Casinos
  • Organisation and coordination of cuisine: Local chefs, dining services, in-villa catering, first class and well known chefs, food purchases, drinks and cruditιs
  • Housekeeping and maids services
  • Daycare services for children
  • Security services
  • Real estate services


The recognition that we have received over the last three years was very important for us, as much from the local establishments as well as our contacts abroad.
We also feel exceptionally proud that our VIP services have been honored abroad at the globally renowned Cannes Festival, during which Mykonos was exhibited as a top destination the world around.