Mykonos Luxury Villa Rentals

Mykonos Luxury Villa Rentals 

There is no doubt that Mykonos can proudly boast of sporting some of the most beautiful and luxurious holiday accommodation facilities in the Mediterranean. Buildings of unrivaled beauty, samples of exemplary use of Cycladic architecture, offering unique comfort and privacy.
Apartments and villas offered by Mykonos Exclusive are fully equipped and furnished and can be provided with or without  staff. Elegant lodgings with modern or classical interior design according to personal taste, breathtaking views and unhampered access to the beach, located on the best parts of the island.
A perfect holiday villa is probably the best way to enjoy Mykonos like a true Mykonian. Rest assured that we are going to do our best to meet even your most specific requests, make an informed choice and turn your stay in a Mykonos villa into a uniquely luxurious experience.

Villa Concierge

Our dedicated Villa Concierge is here to guarantee that every need you may have is going to be catered for. From maid service and a personal chef to everything you can imagine, you don’t need to make plans. Stay relaxed by the your pool and wait for your wishes to be fulfilled.

Private Events in a Villa

If you would like to host a memorable event at a beautiful island villa, we are more than happy to organize it for you. From dining by the pool with a selected company to throwing a 200 person cocktail party, Mykonos Exclusive is ready to prove that planning a private event can be effortless.

Villa Management & Maintenance

Your peace of mind is not only what drives our efforts. Ultimately, it is our raison d’être. Our clients should feel confident that their investment properties or holiday villas are professionally managed and maintained in the most professional manner. Leave it all in our hands and rest assured that whether it is you or your guests visiting, your residence is safely run throughout the year.

Real Estate

Our real estate consulting services can turn a summer vacation into an opportunity for financial growth. Our local real estate agents and market insiders can boast about their rich experience and know-how. And they are committed to helping you track down the holiday house of your dreams