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Queen Bar is a brand new bar in the heart of the Mykonos’ nightlife at the centre of Chora.
It is also the meeting place in Mykonos for anyone wishing to relax or have fun over coffee or drinks with friends in a specially designed space with excellent service.
Come to Queen Bar to enjoy the best cocktails, meet people and have fun! Queen Bar is ideal for any time of day.
You can sit outside and watch passersby while sipping your cocktail, or take a seat at the bar. Situated in Chora’s most prestigious area, people gather at Queen Bar during all hours of the day, from 10 in the morning for coffee, throughout the afternoon, after the beach for relaxation and the last coffee of the day and at night for endless fun until the early morning hours.


Champagne & Cocktail Bar


One of their many cocktails


Little Venice, Mykonos, Mykonos 84600


|| +30 6949078018
Email: info@queenofmykonos.com
Website: http://www.queenofmykonos.com/
Queen Bar Mykonos