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MYKONOS COAST TO COAST TOUR | Half or Full Day Charter

Did you ever imagine that Mykonos could offer you more than 30 sandy beaches? We guess not… Did you ever imagine that you could see a bunch of them in 4 hours? Why not? It is so easy! Just contact us and get to see the different south beaches of Mykonos. Whether seeking for a tranquil beach to practice a yoga’s Sun Salutation or a cosmopolitan one to dance with the celebrities, Mykonos has it all. Just get on board and let your senses feel!
Itinerary ||  The Charter departs from Ornos Beach. Cruises along Mykonos South Beaches. Swimming, Lunch & Recreation Time at one or more of many famous Mykonos Beaches.
Yacht disembarks from the beach during sunset & back to Mykonos.

RHENIA ISLAND  | Half or Full Day Charter

Delos’ sister island Rhenia is uninhabited therefore unspoiled and beautiful. Its turquoise waters are a bliss to swim at and its solitary, sandy beaches are protected by two coves so you can swim undisturbed from either the curious eyes or the usual strong winds. Totally different from Mykonos, Rhenia will stay in your memory as your exclusive paradise.
Itinerary || The Charter departs from New Port. Cruises towards Rhenia Island passing by the sacred island of Delos. Swimming, Lunch & recreation time at Rhenia Island
Yacht Disembarks from Rhenia during sunset, back to Mykonos.

DELOS & RHENIA ISLANDS  | Half or Full Day Charter

Visit Greece’s only sacred island, the birthplace of God Apollo and his twin sister Goddess Artemis. Delos’ history goes back to the 16th century BC. Nowadays, considered to be the largest open-air museum in the world the entire island is a UNESCO site. Last but not least, no one is allowed to live, be born or die on Delos or on its sister island the uninhabited Rhenia. Would you take your chances…?!?
Itinerary || The Charter departs from New Port. Yacht Cruises towards Delos. Optional: visit the sacred Island of Delos
Swimming, Lunch & recreation time at Rhenia Island . Yacht Disembarks from Rhenia during sunset & back to Mykonos.


Itinerary: Private & Confidential

MYKONOS PAROS  |  Full Day Charter

The popular island of Paros is famous for its golden beaches and traditional architecture, with buildings that are hundreds of years old.
Here, windsurfers will find ideal conditions for unforgettable surfing experiences, while those who opt for relaxation have no further to go than the unique little villages and remote beaches.
Enjoy the serene landscape with fertile valleys and rolling hills dotted with small churches and monasteries and the endless sandy beaches with their sparkling blue waters.
Visit Naousa village and order a mouthwatering lunch at a tavern on the famous Kolimbithres beach.
Itinerary ||  The Charter departs from New Port. Cruises towards Paros. Visit Naousa & Kolimbithres Beach Swimming, lunch and recreation time.
yacht disembarks from Paros during sunset & back to Mykonos


Ios is well known as the “hippie” party island with the lively atmosphere and the endless fun. Have as much as you can unless you are planning to go back to Ios soon enough!
Santorini, the queen of Cyclades, the most breathtaking of them all, offers its guest the wow factor. Whether you visit the island for the famous sunset at Oia, or for its Black, Red or White beaches or just for seeing the dormant volcano in its very heart you will never forget it…
Irakleia is a small yet beautiful island between the islands of Naxos and Ios. Very close to Schoinoussa, Koufonisia, Donoussa, and Keros islands, together they form the Small Cyclades. Do not miss the biggest caves in the Cyclades that are located here!
Itinerary || 
Day 1  || The Charter departs at 09.00 am from New Port.  Visit at the long sandy beach of MYLOPOTAS that provides a variety of water sport activities, including windsurfing and diving. After lunch we will cruise towards Santorini for watching the amazing sunset at Oia.  At Fira you can disembark with our Speedboat and you can choose between donkey ride and the Teleferik for a visit to Santorini’s town. Spend the night in Santorini & enjoy its beauty.
Day 2  ||  Charter departs from Santorini Swimming, lunch and recreation time in Irakleia Island. Disembarks from Irakleia during sunset & back to Mykonos


Sporades are found in the North Aegean Sea and take their name from the Greek word for dispersed. They are a group of many small island close to each other.
Skiathos: With its traditional Aegean architecture and pine forests, Skiathos is the most cosmopolitan of the Sporades. Famous for its beautiful beaches, vivid night life and wonderful climate (since the “meltemi” or etesian winds which affect the Cyclades are not felt here), it is an ideal setting for unforgettable holidays.
Skopelos: The main town, as well as the villages of Skopelos, have been declared protected residential areas and this has greatly contributed to the preservation of this island’s architectural tradition. Abounding in pine trees, olive trees and vineyards, the beauty of this island is rare. There are only a few beaches in the southern part of the island, but they are truly exquisite and not far from the main town.
Skyros: Here is one of the largest albeit less crowded islands of the Sporades, which is famous for its wonderful sandy beaches and the beauty of its “Chora” or main town. Skyros is really a combination of the Cyclades and the Sporades, since its architecture is reminiscent of the Cyclades, while plant life covers more than half of the island.
Alonnissos: A beautiful, unspoiled island for a quiet, peaceful holiday. Here lies the unique Marine Park of Greece. The island is one of the six European ecological islands that protect the Monahus-Monahus seals, which are an endangered and protected species.
Syros: the island of Syros was the largest cultural and commercial centre of the Aegean during the 19th century. The characteristic architecture of the island distinguishes it from other islands, and renders Ermoupolis one of the most interesting cities of the Cyclades.
Sifnos: Famous for its unique white houses, Sifnos seamlessly blends tradition with the beauty of the natural landscape. This island is remarkably clean, a unique local cuisine and enough wonderful beaches, churches and monasteries to make holidays here a memorable experience.
Milos: the island of Aphrodite is particularly interesting thanks to its unique sandy beaches sprinkled with interesting caves, many of which can be visited. Here is an island with strong traditional elements, which is ideal for relaxed holidays. The magnificent little taverns are a tribute to the savoury local cuisine.
Patmos: The island of Patmos is considered one of the most impressive due to its magnificent untamed beauty which is present in each and every corner. It is also described as the “Island of the Apocalypse”, since it was here that St. John the Evangelist wrote the Apocalypse. The unique castle-monastery dominating the captivating main town of the island is a sight worth seeing, while the bays and the little virgin islands surrounding Patmos offer a wonderful alternative proposal to those who enjoy quiet beaches with blue, transparent waters.
Rhodes: here is the largest expanse of terra firma of the Dodecanese, which is also known as the sunlit island. Rhodes is a destination that has much to offer. The exquisite sea, the medieval town that leaves visitors breathless, the unique in the world forest of the butterflies, the unceasing night life and, above all, the feeling of being in a place filled with historical significance.
Hydra: The houses in Hydra are built around its beautiful harbour and include 18th and 19th century buildings. There are no cars on the island and donkeys are used for transportation. For the traveller who seeks a dreamlike setting in combination with both peace and fun, the island of Hydra is an ideal destination.
Spetses: Here is an island with a strong history, centenarian trees and beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Spetses can offer visitors non-stop night life, a lively atmosphere and monuments that are proof of the island’s role and that of its residents during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. The natural bays of the coastline of Spetses are an open invitation to seekers of new sights.
Poros: The traditional houses, narrow streets and blue sea with its quiet coasts are the trademarks of the island of Poros. Here one may enjoy peaceful holidays, wander around the island and admire. The pine trees often grow on cliffs over the coast or even right on the sandy beaches, while the fragrance of the famous lemon tree forest permeates the air.
Aegina: The numerous seaside villages, the rich and varied landscapes of the island, the archaeological sites and the beauty of the main town are what make Aegina endearing to visitors. It has many sandy beaches with waters that are calm and blue and a night life that will not disappoint. This island that produces the famous Aegina pistachios knows how to take good care of its guests.
Zakynthos (Zante): The island that Venetians used to call “the flower of the East” is an idyllic place with emerald beaches, mountains covered by pine trees, olive trees and magnificent, rare flowers. Laganas bay is one of the largest beaches of the Mediterranean and a large part of it is a protected area, since the caretta-caretta sea turtle, which is an endangered species, lays its eggs on this beach.
Corfu: The exceptional beauty of Corfu impresses everyone. Here you will find marvellous beaches, green hills and castles, monasteries and historical monuments to feast your eyes on.
The architecture of the city of Corfu with its narrow streets and wide squares and the unique character of its hospitable residents contribute to the special character of this island.
Lefkas: A quiet and mountainous island, which is very verdant to the north and the east. Beautiful, green small islands, such as Scorpios, can also be seen from the eastern side of Lefkas. The capital of the island is a quiet, picturesque town built around the natural port, featuring distinctive, colourful wooden houses.
The beaches of Lefkas are famous for their blue waters and light- coloured sand.
Cephalonia: Cephalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, is an island of contradictions. Steep hillsides alternate with green valleys where a very rare type of fir tree grows. The white pebble or sand beaches and deep blue waters delight even the most discerning visitors. The western coast of the island is one of the few biotopes for the Mediterranean seal.