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Interni Restaurant, remains the most enduring value of the “island of winds” when it comes to gastronomy high requirements.The most beautiful garden in Matogiannia is inspired and designed by renowned designer Paola Navone, combined with a personal touch from owner Nikos Varveris. This is an ideal destination for dinner & drinks in the heart of the island, set against the Cycladic sky.
The long presence of Interni restaurant on site, ensures variety in culinary creations, quality food and excellent service while at the same time they can organize and carry out on site, your event ideas and proposals that suit you, for your own unique, magical evening!
The Kitchen is basically Mediterranean, coupled with flavors from around the world and comes with a wide range of wines with selections from all five continents, while the menu is updated every year with fresh ideas and a vital element of high quality ingredients.

Cuisine | Style

Bar Restaurant
Party Restaurant


|| Dinner Only
|| Hip environment
|| Mediterranean Cuisine


Matogianni Street , Mykonos 84600

Tel :+30 2289026333



Interni Mykonos Restaurants